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Old Whittington Turbine

Old Whittington Wind Development

Wind turbine at Old Whittington Waste Water Treatment Works (WwTW)

We have successfully installed a single wind turbine to help power Old Whittington (WwTW), which treats and processes sewage from around 100,000 customers in Chesterfield.

The turbine will have an estimated generating capacity of 0.8 - 1.6 Gigawatt hours of electricity (see link for more information) annually equivalent to the average annual electricity demand of approximately 252 -575 homes (see link for more information).

The turbine, which will be constructedin July, will have a maximum height of 77m from the turbine base to tip of the blade and we estimate that it will be able to generate the equivalent of approximately 20-45% of the site's annual electricity needs.

To see a map of the location of the turbine click here

Old Whittington Turbine

The need for investment in renewable energy

Providing high quality drinking water and treating waste water for five million Yorkshire Water customers uses huge amounts of energy. Currently, most of this electricity is bought from commercial energy providers and like any electricity customer, Yorkshire Water's annual energy bill has increased significantly over recent years and now stands at around £50 million. This same electricity, also emits damaging carbon into the environment as it's created, by burning unsustainable fossil fuels.

It's estimated there will be an additional one million people living in Yorkshire region in the next 25 years and if nothing is done to tackle these energy challenges, our annual energy bill could increase significantly in future years. All of this could have impact on customer bills and the environment, which is why we are focused on driving down our own energy consumption and aiming to generate up to half of our energy from renewable sources by 2020.