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Haisthorpe Turbine development



Providing high quality drinking water and treating wastewater for Yorkshire Water customers uses huge amounts of energy. Most of the energy comes from commercial energy providers - the current annual electricity bill is in the region of £50 million. That means that Yorkshire Water is, like every other customer, susceptible to price fluctuations.

In order to help stabilise those electricity bills, Kelda Group, which consists of Yorkshire Water and sister company Kelda Water Services, is investigating a number of schemes at various  sites across the region to include the use of sustainable technologies which harness the powers of wind and water.

What's at Haisthorpe already?

At Haisthorpe, Yorkshire Water operates a water treatment works and pumping station in the fields, north of the main Driffield to Bridlington road (A614). This treats raw water and provides safe, clean drinking water to the local community and to the wider Bridlington area. The pumping station is also capable of pumping clean drinking water to the Scarborough area through the water network.

What are we planning?

Kelda Water Services has submitted an application as Agent on behalf of its sister company Yorkshire Water for a single wind turbine to be sited within the water treatment works. The development will consist of one wind turbine which will have a generating capacity of 250Kw. The turbine will have a maximum height of 55m from the turbine base to tip of the blade.

Energy generated by the turbine will be used directly at the treatment works. Depending on the final solution, we estimate that over a year, it will be able to generate the equivalent of 24% of the site's electricity consumption. We submitted our planning application to East Riding of Yorkshire Council in March 2013. If you would like to read the application, it's available on the Council's planning portal with the reference 13/00666/PLF.

The initial application for this turbine was refused in December 2014, and an appeal was lodged against this decision. We are currently awaiting a decision from the planning inspectorate on our appeal which was submitted in spring 2015.

Community Fund

We also believe in giving something back to local communities who have wind developments in their areas. If this application is approved, as is best practice for this type of development, we will create a Community Fund to allow local projects to benefit.


If you have any further questions, please contact us.