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Wind energy

What are we doing in wind energy?   

Kelda Water Services is focused on developing wind energy to support Yorkshire Water sites across the Yorkshire region and also support many of our own operations across the UK. Typically when we are looking for potential sites, we look for sites with energy intensive operations, such as water pumping stations or treatment works, and that also have the potential to develop a wind energy resource. Often, we are interested in single turbines that are adjacent to the sites so that they can provide electricity direct into them - this makes single turbines economically viable for us to operate.

The benefits of wind energy

The community also benefits

We believe in giving something back to the local communities who have wind developments in their local area which is why for our wind operations we will often create a community fund to allow local people to benefit from the profits of the development. We'd typically work with local communities to agree a framework within which the fund can be used to fund local projects.

Public consultation at the heart of our approach 

When we embark on developing a planning application for a wind development we believe in carrying out a proper consultation with the local community. Our aim is to listen and consider how feedback can be incorporated into our final plans.

This is why we will always invite the local community and stakeholders to meet as early in the process as possible so that they have the opportunity to ask questions and feedback on our plans. In addition to this we use a combination of letters, newsletters, websites and the media to communicate to the local community about our plans.