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Renewable energy

Kelda Water Services (KWS) has successfully established itself within the renewable energy sector as a highly innovative partner with the capability of providing a range of alternative energy solutions. 

We are supporting Kelda Group to meet its renewable energy aspiration through the development of wind energy and anaerobic digestion projects that support the energy needs of Yorkshire Water and KWS sites across the UK. 

Our vision for renewable energy

Kelda Water Services, working alongside Yorkshire Water, is committed to creating sustainable sources of energy and reducing our carbon footprint. 

As a Group we use a lot of energy to collect, treat and distribute water and waste water both within Yorkshire and across the UK - this energy is heavily dependent on unsustainable fossil fuels. We currently produce around 10% of our energy from renewable sources such as anaerobic digestion, wind power and hydro power and we have an aspiration to increase this.  Our commitment supports the Government's national target of generating 15% of all energy from renewables by 2020.

We have also experienced significant increases in energy prices throughout the Group over recent years and Yorkshire Water's annual electricity costs, for example, now stand at nearly £45m.  Generating electricity from renewable sources such as anaerobic digestion will help us to protect our customer bills from the impact of unpredictable power pricing fluctuations in the future.