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Steve Scott

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Shift Technician

As a Shift Technician my main role is to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the plant, dealing with any problems or queries which may arise.

Being a fairly new starter to the industry, my main challenges so far have been to learn the treatment process, including the control systems SCADA, outfall water sampling in the lab and the actual equipment and machinery used. My colleagues have been only too willing to share their knowledge and experience and I find this to be an invaluable aid in my learning. So, it has been a steep but enjoyable learning curve.

I definitely feel that working with the machinery involved in the treatment process, a mechanical background is advantageous.  Although a new starter, when I have discussed ideas or solutions to problems with my colleagues and management, my input has been taken on-board and treated as equal.

The CAMBI process I find most interesting. where methane gas, a by product of digestion, is used to run the boiler and combined heat and power (CHP) engines. The steam from the boiler is used to "sterilise" the sludge then re-used to pre-heat the next batch. The CHP engines are then used to generate a large percentage of the electricity demand for the plant. Waste heat from the exhausts of the engine is also re-used when passing through a "waste heat boiler" which produces even more steam for the plant.

My career at Kelda may have only just begun but in the short time that I have been here my development has been rapid. This is due to the constant training courses, advice and support from fellow team members and the backing and encouragement from the management team.

I would say to anyone thinking about a career within the Kelda Group that it is a highly professional and highly motivating place to work.

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It has been a steep but enjoyable learning curve