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Mohammed Nashad

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Commercial Manager

My role sits within the Business Development team. We are currently working on several opportunities including local authority food and green waste projects, water projects and the first wave of wind projects. This supports KWS objectives of achieving growth through winning new business streams, leveraging value from existing assets and skills and providing an energy hedge to the Kelda Group.

The Coalition Government made a commitment to work towards a 'zero waste' economy, and to introduce measures to increase energy from waste through anaerobic digestion (AD). This is a natural process in which micro-organisms break down organic matter, in the absence of oxygen, into biogas and digestate. The biogas can be used to generate heat and electricity, converted into bio fuels or cleaned and injected into the grid. AD is not a new technology, and has been widely applied in the UK for the treatment of sewage sludge for over 100 years. However, until quite recently it has not been used in the UK for treating other waste or with purpose-grown crops. Our proposals on the current food and green waste projects are based on AD technology.

The bidding process for long term local authority contracts can take 24 - 30 months to complete. The initial work involves forming the bidding consortium for the project, the consortium members include equity investors, a construction company, a technology provider and an operating company. For the current food and green waste projects which we are bidding for, KWS is both the investor and operating company in the consortium. Throughout the bidding process the Business Development team works closely with its external advisors and also leverages the skills and experience from within the Kelda Group.

My role on the projects is to support the team on the financial element of the bids. This includes working closely with the external financial advisors to:

Not one project is the same and hence you are regularly dealing with new and challenging issues. For example, the recent banking crisis had a detrimental impact on the availability and cost of funding which had implications on project affordability.

Working in the Business Development team is an excellent experience, where the workload is varied and spread across sectors such as waste and wind. It is a great place to develop a career as it provides an opportunity to work in a fast paced and challenging environment, with the current focus on the generation of renewable energy using innovative technological solutions.

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Covering both water and waste water operations, we employ people with a range of skills including operational and technical, process specialists, accountants and many more.

For the right people we can offer significant career prospects and the opportunity to help shape the future development of KWS, if you are interested and mobile.

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