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David Pendleton

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Network Technician

The role of the Network Technician is a very varied one. My original job remit was to keep an eye on the night lines for each of the bases that I cover in the region. If they are high, I have to find out why. Whether it is leakage or usage and to get this dealt with as soon as possible. But now, I also deal with water quality issues. These can be both internal and external. These can be caused by a main brake allowing deposits into the system or something as simple as turning on a tap too hard, when a building has been unoccupied for some time. This would also include testing, or if I don't have my testing equipment with me I get this reported to the help desk and arrange for testing to be done as soon as possible. Then I can react to whatever the results are.

Also, I deal with bore holes, being involved in the installation and operation. Crown Fire schemes testing and processing all results, drainage, pump stations, sewage treatment works, OWI's, EWS's, New connections, disconnections. Meter installations, gang assists, water conservation projects etc. I also take on a site liaison role, this can mean dealing with anyone from a civilian to a General, Commander, Air Vice Marshall, to the Head of Finance from the PMO's office etc.

In my area there are 3 Network Technicians and the team leader, who also looks after region 6. Between the 4 of us, there is almost 100 years of experience in the water industry. This has been a huge help in the past. You know, that you can speak to any of your fellow technicians at any time, about any problem and 1 of you WILL know the answer!  In total there are only 10 Network Technicians spread across the regions. We are lucky, that within KWS, that we also have a large team to back each other up. Apart from all the electronic information, that you have at your fingertips, via your tough books, I can, and do speak to most departments most days. Whether it be accounts on a billing enquiry, assets, for a fault on an EWS, metering or getting a new meter installed. The information is there and can be received within 5 minutes of a phone call, which the client loves!

My overall view of working for Kelda is that it is probably the best company that I've ever worked for. I'm not just saying that either.

The only advice that I would give to any one just starting with KWS is ASK! If the person that you are asking doesn't know the answer I can pretty much guarantee that they will be able to inform you who to ask...

The overall highlight of working for KWS has to be the variety of the job. If someone had told me 7 years ago, that I would be doing all of the above on a regular daily basis instead of lifting lids at 2:00am in a dodgy London street. I would have laughed at them!!

It is hard work it can be very, very long hours.  But you work with good people and it's a very rewarding and satisfying job.

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It is probably the best company I've ever worked for