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Managing the impact of landfill

Treating polluting outflow from landfill

Landfill sites contain a lot of varying types of actively decomposing solid industrial waste, domestic waste, metals etc. When water percolates through these landfill sites the outflow (leachate) will typically contain a wide range of materials including a complex mixture of pollutants.

Landfill leachate is collected and stored in sumps for disposal and treatment. The widely variable nature of leachate makes it difficult to treat.

In Scotland the majority of landfill leachate is currently collected and transported a significant distance to treatment plants in central Scotland.

At KWS Grampian we have set up a pilot plant at our Persley site to carry out a feasability study for treating the varying concentrations of leachate from landfill sites in the North East of Scotland.

Detailed design work has been carried out to establish equipment requirements, license application, and feasibility of treating leachate in addition to the normal influent at our Peterhead facility. Modifying this facility will require a substantial investment which will increase the flexibility of the plant and yield substantial environmental and commercial benefits as well as broadening the service that we provide to our customers.