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Serving the Royal Navy

New contract to provide water and waste water services to Royal Navy ‘Flagship’ sites

KWS Defence won a 16 year contract, starting from 1July 2011,  to provide water and waste water services to the prestigious and high profile Royal Navy training establishments 'Flagship Sites' on the south coast of England. These sites include HMS Excellent, HMS Collingwood, HMS Raleigh and BRNC Dartmouth.

Royal Navy Flagship Sites

This demonstrates our commitment to long term partnerships and the trust and reliability that we can provide as water industry experts and allows the MOD to remove themselves from non-core activities.

The four sites combined consume 385,000m3 of water per year and as part of our arrangement we are incentivised to reduce water consumption through the provision of an uninterrupted supply of wholesome potable water, supply of water for fire fighting purposes and a 24/7/365 Helpline for service users.

Furthermore, we provide risk transfer via asset and infrastructure adoption as well as capital investment risk transfer and environmental risk transfer including discharge consents. Our services also include the collection and disposal of sewage and surface water, operation and maintenance and repair and renewal, water measurement, leakage detection and repair as well as a simple payment mechanism which all together mean that KWS Defence are able to deliver an excellent level of service to a further four MOD Sites across the Defence Estate.