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Adoptable Specifications

Specification and Guidance for new water and sewerage installations

Any new external water and sewerage infrastructure should be constructed to our adoptable standards which are in line with industry standards CESWI 7th Edition and Sewers For Adoption 7th Edition.

Further detailed guidance on our requirements are included in the engineering specifications attached to this page.

To avoid any issues with the adoption of completed works, the application and consultation process should be followed and early discussion with Kelda Water Services is encouranged in all instances.

Design, Build, Construct

Kelda Water Services can offer a service to Design, Build and Construct new networks and installations on the developers behalf. This ensures that any new services meet our adoption requirements and there are no issues with handover for future maintenance and repair once the works are completed on site.

If you would like Kelda Water Services to provide a quotation for any works please contact the Developer Services Team.