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General Information

For MOD Contracted Customers and ex Annington customers

What is Project Aquatrine

Project Aquatrine is a large Public Private Partnership whose primary objective is to transfer the maintenance and operation of all MOD water and wastewater assets to a private sector service provider. This ensures compliance with increasingly rigorous environmental legislation, and enables the MOD to further its aim of Making Every Pound Count for Defence, by withdrawing from business which is not core to the Department's aims.

Your Service Provider - Kelda Water Services
Kelda Water Services (Estates) Limited has signed a contract with the MOD for a 25 year period. From 1st December 2003, Kelda Water Services (Estates) Limited  have been responsible for the discharge of all obligations relating to water and waste water services under the MOD Contracted Customer Contracts. Kelda Water Services (Defence) Limited is responsible for the Billing and Collection of amounts due in respect of these obligations.

Kelda Water Services (Defence) Limited changed its name on 1st November 2009 from Brey Services Ltd. Click here to see a copy of the standard letter which was sent to all customers on 4th January 2010.

Billing and Collection

Our responsibilities include:-