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Customer services

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and operate a 24/7 365 day a year dedicated Helpline which is the primary route for sites to report queries or problems and initiate remedial action. The Helpline is manned by skilled Helpline Agents who log calls and manage the communication process through to resolution.

Over 93% of Helpline cases are attended within priority levels with this figure being >99% for calls relating to blockages or flooding. Furthermore, our level of service in relation to compliance with proactive workload schedules, such as Oil Water Interceptor (OWI) inspections, is >99% and we have an average case closure period of within 2 days for high priority calls. Our customer satisfaction scores are also above 95%.

Our outstanding customer service and ability to delivery a high quality service is even more impressive when you consider the vast asset base that we manage over 1063 sites across England and Wales. This includes the following:

104 Boreholes
6 Impounding Reservoirs
134 Service Reservoirs
70 Water Pumping Stations
47 Water Treatment Works
922 km Water Distribution Mains
796 Oil and Water Interceptors
72 Wastewater Treatment Works
300 Sewage Pumping Stations
1045 km Sewers
1248 km Surface Water Sewers
6000 Help-line calls per annum
2000 Domestic customers in addition to MOD
9M m3 Clean water supplied per annum
13 Water Company Suppliers

The service we deliver across these assets per annum includes 5,000 Helpline jobs, over 3,000 internally generated 'planned-reactive' jobs, 800 leakage repair jobs and proactive maintenance by our team of technicians including the operation and maintenance of sewage and water treatment works, fire hydrant testing and OWI inspections.