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  • Welcome to Kelda Water Services Alpha

  • Welcome to Kelda Water Services Alpha

  • Welcome to Kelda Water Services Alpha

  • Welcome to Kelda Water Services Alpha

  • Welcome to Kelda Water Services Alpha

About Kelda Water Services Alpha

Kelda Water Services Alpha (KWS Alpha) operates a 25 year Design, Build, Finance and Operate contract with Northern Ireland Water focusing on the upgrade, operation and maintenance of five water treatment works and two strategic link mains - including the largest water treatment works in Northern Ireland.

Our operation serves a population of 800,000 and is capable of producing 397,000,000 litres of water per day, the equivalent of about half the country's water requirements. Our water quality standards are up to ten times more stringent than the UK regulatory requirements and we achieve this with industry leading technology and practises.

The company KWS Alpha is named after Project Alpha which helped our client, Northern Ireland Water, to attain EU Drinking Water Quality Standards. Project Alpha is the UK's largest water PPP (Public Private Partnership) and KWS Alpha is the operating company that delivers it - and has been since late 2008. KWS Alpha (known as Dalriada Water until 2009, when we assumed sole ownership of the business) project financed the £110million capital investment along with our partners EarthTech and Farrans.

We operate four water treatment works throughout Northern Ireland; Dunore Point (Antrim), Ballinrees (Coleraine), CastorBay (Craigavon), and Moyola (Magherafelt).  Each one of these works incorporates cutting edge processes that are operated and maintained by our dedicated team of Process Engineers.  Our whole team is dedicated to ensuring quality throughout our business, and this is reflected by our ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certifications.

Kelda Water Services Alpha strive for operational excellence in Water Treatment.  We regularly demonstrate innovative solutions in order to meet our comprehensive contract with Northern Ireland Water.  In some cases, we are monitored and incentivised to ensure compliance every 5 minutes (over 1 million times per year).

A summary of our key successes:


Dealing with Trihalomathanes

In 2010/11 we introduced the 'THM Reduction Initiative' that was designed to help us reach 100% compliance against a target which is twice as stringent than what UK regulated water companies have to meet. The results we have managed to achieve have been exceptional. Find out more

Moyola Lagoons

Moyola Lagoons Project

See how we are contributing to enhancing the local environment by restored the Moyola lagoons into a haven for wildlife