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Kelda Organic Energy (Cardiff)

Kelda Organic Energy (Cardiff) is a company which has been established by Kelda Water Services, to design, build, finance and operate two innovative recycling facilities for the treatment of the City of Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan Councils' organic wastes. Kelda Organic Energy (Cardiff) is delivering an anaerobic digestion (AD) facility and an Open Windrow Composting facility in Cardiff as part of the Welsh Governments 'Towards Zero Waste' initiative.


The AD Facility is sited on the Welsh Water Waste Water Treatment Works, adjacent to the Tremorfa Industrial estate, Cardiff. The facility is capable of processing 35,000 tonnes of discarded food waste each year, which will include all of the food waste collected by Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan Councils plus other commercial waste arising's from local businesses.

The major advantage of anaerobic digestion is that methane, which is produced naturally when uneaten food breaks down, is captured and used to generate renewable electricity and heat rather than allowing it to escape to the atmosphere from landfill sites. The energy produced by the facility, which is enough to power 4,000 homes, will be fed to the adjacent Welsh Water waste water treatment works to reduce their need to use electricity from the national grid. This helps Welsh Water towards achieving their goal of making the treatment works totally sustainable. The Anaerobic Digestion process also produces a Digestate material which will be recycled back into agricultural land as a sustainable soil conditioner and fertiliser which is high in valuable nutrients.

In addition to the AD facility, we are also developing an Open Windrow Composting facility, which will be located on Cardiff Councils Lamby Way landfill site. This facility will process 38,000 tonnes of garden waste collected annually by the Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan Councils. This Facility will produce a quality compost which will also be recycled beneficially to local agriculture.

If you are a licenced waste contractor and you are interested in bringing your food waste to our facility, please feel free to Contact us