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Kelda Organic Energy

The background

We are currently working with a number of local authorities to design, build finance and operate Anaerobic Digestion solutions to recycle food waste, avoiding costly and unsustainable landfilling. This in turn allows local authorities to comply with the revised EU Waste Framework Directive.

We have been successful in gaining two major contracts, which are as follows:  

Edinburgh and Midlothian Councils

Alauna Renewable Energy (ARE) is a joint venture set up between Kelda Water Services and Scottish Water Horizons, to deliver an innovative and sustainable AD facility for the treatment of Edinburgh and Midlothian's food wastes. This AD facility is operated by Kelda Organic Energy (Edinburgh). For further information click here.

 Edinburgh Food Waste

The City of Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Councils

Kelda Organic Energy (Cardiff) has been set up in order to design, build, operate and finance two organic waste treatment facilities on behalf of the local authorities. Over the length of the 15 year contract, the two facilities will recycle over a million tonnes of kerbside collected food and garden waste. For further information click here.