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Kelda Water Services delivers drinkable water for Sennybridge soldiers

June 2015 – Britain's third-largest military training area now has a sustainable supply of drinking water, thanks to new boreholes delivered by KWS

Kelda Water Services have successfully undertaken the necessary upgrade and installation works at 7 boreholes on Sennybridge Range, Brecon, providing site personnel with a safe and plentiful supply of potable water.


The Training Area has been served by 15 boreholes and a spring dispersed across a 68 square mile area and these have historically provided for the potable and sanitary needs of MoD personnel using the ranges, including a combination of full time range wardens and visiting troops. The nature of the range area has always presented potential water quality risks, especially that relating to Cryptosporidium due to the presence of animals grazing on the ranges and the lack of protection around the borehole headworks. Furthermore, the existing UV treatment system was not fit for purpose in producing a consistent and reliable potable water supply. In 2011, a Risk Assessment conducted by KWS concluded that all the boreholes at Sennybridge were high risk when compared to the requirements of the Private Water Supply Regulations 2009. Further to this, in November 2012, the Army Environmental Health Team decided that the present borehole system should not be used for domestic purposes (other than toilet flushing) due to the potential risk of water borne disease transmission.


In response to this; KWS were asked by the DIO to undertake a two phase project inclusive of a Feasibility Study to identify the necessary upgrade works to bring 7 of the boreholes strategically selected by the site as water supply 'hubs' at key locations up to potable supply standards. This included an assessment of structural condition and asset life, water quality and yield analysis as well as regulatory consent requirements. The Feasibility works were completed in the Spring of 2014 with the subsequent capital works phase commencing in the Autumn of the same year. The works are now completed and potable water is now being actively utilised on site following two clear water quality samples. The supplies greatly benefit the site both from a Health and Safety and strategically important perspective and will alleviate the historic challenges faced with transporting water via bowsers from the main camp some distance away. Throughout the project there has been close liaison between KWS, the site contractor, Landmarc and DIO personnel who have all worked alongside each other in a co-operative manner further accentuating the shared success of the project and the ever strengthening partnering relationship created and maintained through the vehicle of Project Aquatrine.

'Thank you to all Stakeholders, directly and indirectly involved with this project and all the experts who have contributed during times of complexities. Kelda and their contractors have managed the works both professionally and with consideration for the ongoing day to day activity within the training area.' 

Heidi Waggett - DIO (Wales and West):

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