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Our toughest water quality challange

Trihalomethanes (THMs) are easily the most daunting of all the Water Quality challenges that KWS Alpha is assessed against, due to the intense frequency of testing and the penalties that go with non-compliance.

The unique service provided to Northern Ireland Water, by KWS Alpha, presents a contractual compliance challenge, which is entirely different to the regulatory one facing the regulated water industy:

In 2010/11, KWS Alpha introduced the 'THM Reduction Initiative', a long standing project that targeted 100% compliance with our contractual targets. We did this by:

We devised solutions specific to our works based on, but not limited to, successful strategies employed elsewhere. Our approach to THM control is meticulous - we even went as far as to test some of our existing chemicals to see if improving the specification could enhance treatment.

The 'THM Reduction Strategy' results speak for themselves:

George Butler, Head of NI Water's Asset Strategy said; "The increase in compliance this year is largely due to the targeted capital investment to upgrade five major water treatment works under the £110 million Public Private Partnership (PPP) Project, called PPP Alpha. This has contributed to the significant improvement in Total Trihalomethanes (THMs) compliance from 86.43% in 2008 to 96.39% in 2009."