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Kelda Water Services Retail set up to meet customer needs and market opportunities

November 2013 – Choose Kelda Water Services as your complete water solutions provider

The water market in the UK is changing and Kelda Water Services is well placed to offer business customers a tailored range of services that will support  the delivery of financial savings, better asset performance,  risk transfer and enhanced environmental compliance for business customers. Kelda Water Services is one of the most innovative and successful  private contracts water companies in the country, with expertise in all aspects of water and waste water services. In addition to our own expertise and operational capabilities we  work in collaboration with a selected range of supply chain partners.

We build on KWS-wide experience  in this area and can today offer  innovative added value services for business customers from billing, leakage and efficiency services through to full scale design, operation and maintenance of treatment plants, infrastructure and assets. We will work with customers to fully understand needs and objectives and tailor a clear strategy to ensure compliance, supply continuity and reduced costs.

Services range from alternative sources of water (including boreholes, water recycling, rainwater harvesting), on-site treatment plants (for both clean and waste water), full infrastructure management and maintenance, as well as billing solutions including consolidated single tariff and bill, and everything in between.

KWS is a licensed water retailer in England, Scotland and Wales. This follows the recent changes in legislation allowing sites that use more than 5 million litres of water per year to choose their water retailer in England following changes already implemented in Scotland. We can therefore offer a complete solution for your water and waste water needs.

What's happened so far?

KWS recently passed several milestones including confirmation of a Scottish retail license to add to the existing license for England and Wales. This enables  KWS to purchase water at wholesale prices and supply to large users as a retailer. This is an important development when linked to other added value services we can offer. Notwithstanding the licence we can also provide a comprehensive range of billing services enabling a business to have a common approach to all water bills irrespective of using more than 5m litres per annum.

The first customer switched to KWS in October 2013 and enabled the team to gain experience of the market and switching process in Scotland. Added to this, we are looking to develop existing business customer relationships in Yorkshire to deliver a range of added value services building on the experience and capabilities .

The future

We are working on a KWS section for the Kelda Water Services website which will include more information and we will endeavour to keep customers up to date on changes and progress through Account Managers or the website. If you have any questions, or would like to work with KWS(R) please do not hesitate to contact us through this website, phone numbers or an Account Manager.


Robert Marrill (Managing Director of KWS Defence and KWS Retail)