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Halving leakage across our Defence contract sites

Kelda Water Services (Defence) have undertaken a huge amount of work in relation to reducing leakage across the Package. On contract commencement in 2003, leakage on the Estate was running at approximately 45% of the Water into Supply and in 2005 we installed data loggers across a number of sites in order to improve visibility of the nightlines to effectively manage leakage. In December 2006, the leakage team was in sourced, promoting ownership and focus that allowed knowledge of the networks to be consolidated within the business.

Overall, year on year improvement to the level of leakage has been made that has not only benefited KWS (Defence) but also supported the MoD's sustainability targets. Aquatrine met Government targets to cut water consumption by 25% by the year 2020 eleven years early in 2009 from 45% to around 17%. This is equivalent to 10 Olympic sized swimming pools per day!

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