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Creating a haven for wildlife

KWS operates four water treatment works in Northern Ireland for our client NI Water.  When we took over the works, we inherited a legacy of redundant assets.  At our Moyola works, this meant that we were left with an area (referred to as the Lagoons) that had been historically used to dispose of sludge from the treatment process.  The area was run down and an environmental risk and in need of some TLC when we took over.

Moyola Lagoons

We hit upon the idea of restoring the Lagoons into a haven for wildlife.  We realised we had a golden opportunity to add enormously to the environment, whilst proactively engaging with the local community.

The Project

We commissioned a biodiversity report which took 12 months to complete.  The recommendations were built into a project to restore the Lagoons into a natural habitat - the project would take 10 months to deliver!

Success of the project was assured through partnership - before embarking on delivery we made sure everyone was on board.  This was no easy task as the Lagoons form part of the Lough Neagh ASSIs (Area of Special Scientific Interest), making it one of the most protected areas in the UK.  We addressed this by maximising local community and regional stakeholder partnership with:

Through this considerable stakeholder and community engagement we received a strong vote of support. Some of the highlights of the project include:

We ensured strong local community involvement through St Trea's Primary and Ballymaguigan Community Group.  St Trea's P6&7 pupils have built the bird and bat boxes that are now deployed within the Lagoons.  This has linked in with their project for the UN's "International Year of Forests" initiative; they have been able to showcase their work on the Lagoons project as their contribution to the initiative.  Ballymaguigan Community Group, a local group interested in environmental issues, supported us with guidance; they will be involved for several years to come whilst the habitat continues to mature.

We have invested £20,000+ in this project resulting in a benefit for the community and the environment.

Project completion was celebrated with a formal event on 13th May 2011; 40 people who have been involved attended.

Benefits to Northern Ireland

Benefits to KWS Alpha

It has enabled us to:

Success Measures