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Kelda Group, KWS & Yorkshire Water

Kelda Water Services and Yorkshire Water are both part of the Kelda Group which is based in Bradford. Yorkshire Water provides water and waste water services to more than 5 million people and 138,000 businesses.

What other companies make up the Kelda Group?

Loop Customer Management Ltd specialises in delivering customer service support to Yorkshire Water that includes billing, debt recovery and incident management. Employing more than 600 people, Loop have built up an impressive list of industry awards and achievements since being created in 2000 and is currently listed in the Sunday Times Top 100 list as being one of the best companies to work for.

Like Kelda Water Services, Safe-Move is a non-regulated business whose area of focus is providing search information to solicitors and conveyances around drainage and water services.

Three Sixty is well placed to offer business customers a wide range of products and services that are designed to help them to save money and time, become more responsible and sustainable, and help to reduce risk.

As Yorkshire Water is one of the biggest landowners in the Yorkshire region, we have a dedicated company, Keyland, whose responsibility it is to manage, develop and dispose of any surplus property assets.

How was Kelda Water Services formed?

Before Kelda Water Services was formed, non-regulated business activity was actually handled by a Commercial team who sat within Yorkshire Water. As the number of bids and contracts that we were involved in began to increase, the decision was taken that a dedicated business needed to be created in order to maximise opportunities and deliver the necessary focus for providing an unrivalled service in the water and waste water contract operations market across the UK. So in 2003, Kelda Water Services was born.

How does Kelda Water Services work together with Yorkshire Water?

We have a very close working relationship with Yorkshire Water and believe that our performance can only be strengthened by maintaining this in the future. Our vision 'taking responsibility for the water environment for good' is a Kelda wide vision that applies to all companies within the group, ensuring that everything we do is joined up towards achieving a common goal.

Coming from a dedicated water industry background has really helped ensure that we have the necessary skills and expertise to excel in a highly competitive environment. Yorkshire Water is consistently ranked as one of Ofwat's top performers and many of our colleagues have previously played key roles in Yorkshire Water's success. You can find out more about some of these individuals and what it's like to work for KWS by visiting our Careers page.