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Industry leaders in UK water service contracts

Kelda Water Services (KWS) is a leading water and waste water contract operations company, delivering large scale and long term infrastructure solutions throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

KWS is part of Kelda Group - owner of Yorkshire Water, one of the UK's leading water and waste water companies. KWS has in excess of 200 staff delivering contracts that add real value to the public utilities and government organisations that form our valued client base:

KWS has also successfully established itself within the renewable energy sector. We are working with a number of local authorities to develop anaerobic digestion solutions to recycle household waste avoiding costly and unsustainable landfilling.

Our vision

Fundamentally we recognise the importance of water as a precious resource and that its long term sustainability, as well as the wider environment in which we operate, is critical to the long term sustainability of our business.  This is why our vision is "Taking responsibility for the water environment for good".

Kelda Group's Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement highlights the steps the we take to assure there is no slavery or human trafficking occurring within the organisation or its supply chains - find out more


  • Our environment policy
    We strive to lead by example and always work towards being an environmentally sustainable company whilst committing to continual improvement in the future